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Teachers should be aware that the app lacks safeguards to ensure that students aren’t using copyrighted images or videos. Although the music tracks available inside the platform advise attribution, students also have the option of importing music from iTunes. Be sure to equip students with knowledge of proper copyright guidelines before they publish their content publicly. Reading the GoProStudio Forums it does not appear GoPro cares.

Aside from being easy to use, you’ll want to look at other aspects such as compatibility with your operating system, price, features, and support. While the free version’s ads and pop-ups will interrupt design flow, students will appreciate the ability to create interesting videos and images for social platforms. Having students create videos can be a powerful learning experience, especially when the target audience for those creations is clear and accessible.

  • It allows users to burn audio, data, and video discs to CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray disc formats.
  • Express Burn Disc Burning Software is an optical disc authoring program for Windows and Mac.
  • Nero creates software applications and platforms that help consumers simply enjoy their photos, videos and music.
  • So if you drag and drop your MP3 files into a CD layout, don’t be surprised if the resulting CD only plays on your computer, because you probably just made a data disc.
  • Express Burn is a proprietary commercial software with a free version available for non-commercial use.

In that sense, InShot is a good learning tool, since it eases the process of creation and makes sharing what students create fairly simple. It’s also tuned specifically to social media-friendly content, so it’ll connect with young people. Teachers will need to make sure that students don’t just create but get, give, and incorporate feedback on creations. InShot also has an advantage over some competitors in that students can create different types of media, not just videos.

That is a completely unacceptable business practice, especially with a known serious software concern… oh, and it is great they do not tell you about it too. 20-hours of wasted time later, in my case, I know now that GPS is crappy unstable software, that has some cool functions to play with, until it crashes and you lose it all. This subscription-based software as a service program is great for a few reasons. You don’t have to worry about the cost of upgrading when the new version comes out.

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And you get to use their computing power to render your videos. Unless video editing is your living, there are probably better options. The basic version comes with 10 audio and 10 video tracks – perfect for 99% of all video edits. It also comes equipped with 350+ video effects and 200+ video transitions. Corel makes another video editing program called Roxio Studio.

This allows them to show knowledge in ways that fit their needs, and could be a huge relief for students who don’t excel at more common types of assessment. There’s no in-app support, but watching a few comprehensive YouTube tutorials will be enough for most students to get going. They might need some help with ideas, though; a content gallery would be a nice addition for ideas for classroom use.

It also offers three different user levels , so it can continue to cater to your needs as you become more proficient. You can try the software for free for seven days but videos will bear a watermark. If you’re saving audio files, you can only save half the audio length unless you pay for the premium plan. Note that Movavi also offers a full-featured video converter for macOS and Windows, but you’ll have to purchase that separately. Whether you’re looking to complete a one-off project or you’re embarking on a new hobby in videography, finding a beginner-friendly software is a priority.

While it can vlc dvd player edit footage, this is primarily for DVD authoring. This version comes with multi-camera editor – editing up to six different cameras in one project. The less expensive Pro version will edit footage from up to four cameras in the same project.